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The Guild


Exiled is a guild being created during Cataclysm. After it's creation, the small group of friends who started this project, managed to build an environment where players who wanted to get serious into progressing at endgame content and players who wanted to get a new start could succeed. During the Cataclysm expansion, we evolved into a guild wanting to have steady and decent progression, followed by achieving to get higher on the ranking of Azuremyst-EU.


The mentality behind Exiled is clear to everyone. Our goal is progressing into the current tier of the progression and aim to clear Mythic before the next patch. As a guild we are very relaxed, reason why we moved together with a group of friends, but once in a raid environment people are expected to be prepared and perform at the level required. It's a combination that is ideal for certain types of players.


The structure of our guild is fairly straight forward. Our ranks consists of having trialist, socials, raiders and the council members. The Exiled council (Officers) consists of 6 people, 5 officers plus the Guild Master.. Together, the six Council members are leading the guild with exaclty the same rights to back each other up with their own vision and knowledge. They are able to lead the guild and adapt in such way the wishes of the guild members are fulfilled. After all, our personality differs. They are able to support each other well during our Main Raids by leading, assist leading and backing up one another.




If Exiled's mentality suits you and are looking for Mythic progression, with the aim of clearing end content, do apply! All applications will be looked at with serious consideration. If your class isn't listed as wanted, do not hesitate to apply. Even if your class might not be listed, we would still be interested in the person with a decent amount of experience and the person with the same mentality as us, being given the applicant can prove to us this is want we are looking for.

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