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Syron / May 18, 2017

Many many rings, dodge them! Elisande on Mythic has been cleared and because she admitted defeat, she will now assist us by killing Gul'dan Mythic (By giving us all the tier and convergence pieces!).

Syron / May 18, 2017

The beef between Helya and Odyn has finally met it's end. The reason? Exiled meddled with it! Trials of Valor Mythic cleared and Cutting Edge for us!

Syron / Nov 03, 2016

And here ends our journey of actual "DPS Control". I'm guessing controlling the Ichors wasn't the most fun thing to do, especially not marking and keeping on kiting, but overall a fun boss in my opinion and well earned kill within 40 attempts.Now ...

Syron / Oct 25, 2016

4/7 Mythic, going well! Well done to guys who participated in the kill and I know.. The photo came very late due to talking on Discord with 3/4 of the group already leaving and me forgetting to take a snap of the corpses. Atleast you can see a cou...