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Guild Information
Below you can find the guild information regarding Exiled. We ask of all our members to read the information listed below. The information posted here includes information and rules regarding raiding and the general guild rules.

General Information

Exiled prides itself on earning and maintaining a respectable presence on Azuremyst and within the battlegroup.
It is our wish to be seen as the guild of choice and have the support of many behind us.
This can only be achieved by our members. It is important to behave in a respectable manner and to remember that you are representing the guild.

We expect all members to act in a respectable and professional manner. This means:

  • No Begging / Trolling
  • No Harassment or Discrimination
  • No Deliberate interruption of others game play
  • No Ninja Looting
  • No Spamming

Various other points to consider:

  • Be polite when interacting with other players.
  • Help other guild members whenever possible.
  • Respect the Officers. They have been chosen as officers because of their dedication, helpfulness and willingness to support the guild.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone might be as experienced as you.
  • If signed up to guild events, please turn up on time, if you cannot make it please be considerate and let the organiser know in advance.


We are currently using Discord as our communication program. The details can be found within the Guild Information section in-game. All raiders are expected to make use of it.

Guild Structure

Below you can find our guild structure and the idea behind it.

  • Guild Master - Self explanatory
  • Officers - Chosen for their contribution to the guild & knowledge of the game. The officers assist the guild leader with the management of the guild and the raids.
  • Mythic Raider - Our raiders capable of clearing Mythic with us. Access to the Guild Bank for raiding benefit & guild repair.
  • Veteran - Members who have been with us in recent years, most trusted and social players. Veterans most often do not raid progressively.
  • Raider - Raiders who aren't Mythic capable but attending the other events on the calendar.
  • Trial Raider - New Raiders who wishes to prove themselves for a raidspot.
  • Social - Players who aren't raiding, but staying with us.
  • Alt - Other characters of players.
  • Initiate - New players of the guild.

Raiding Information

Raid days

We are currently maintaining the following days for our Main Raids.

Wednesday: 20:15 - 23:15
Sunday: 20:15 - 23:15
Monday: 20:15 - 23:15 (Optional)

Our Expectations:

  • Raid members must be present for invitation 10 minutes before the Calendar event.
  • For the purpose of team progression, players are expected to be contactable when sitting on the bench.
  • Always bring a positive attitude both inside and outside of raids.
  • Raiders are expected to attend all raids with the appropriate consumables.
  • You must turn up to raids with a good understanding of boss encounters, this includes both the fight in general and specifically your role.
  • Players should be prepared to undertake any role assigned to them within an encounter.
  • Players are expected to have a current understanding of what their class/role is capable of and what they can bring to a boss fight.
  • Players are expected to have any compulsory addons and any necessary supporting addons/macros installed/configured prior to the raid.
  • Being social is great, but remember to always maintain the focus. During a boss encounter, there should be no DPS/HPS boasting and the subject on Mumble should be about the encounter. Also, do not get in between the Raidleader's talking during a boss encounter.

Socialising on Discord is great and we support our members to get along. Remember that we have a good atmosphere within our raids even though we have rules. This is to ensure we can get the maximum out of our raiding experience.

Loot rules

During our Main Raids, we are using Lootcouncil as our lootsystem. This means the following:

Main Spec > Offspec > Disenchant

  • Trials will have less priority over Main Raiders since you won't know if they stay with us after the trial.
  • Loot distribution will happen based on: Attendance, performance, the need for the piece. When another teammate needs the piece more than you do, he will get priority (You've got 740 whilst he got 715 f.e.)
  • For trinkets and tier pieces, we generally would want the classes/specs who get the biggest improvement to have priority on the said item.
  • Fair loot distribution so don't worry that we distribute loot to our close friends or people in charge before anyone else.

In doing this, we allow our group to improve as a whole instead of individuals for better performance overall and better clearance of the instance.


With only 6 hours or raiding per week, we try to get the maximum out of it per week. This means full preparation should be done before the raid regarding the instance and your class itself when needed. You have already read the rules above and this is the explanation to the attendance and preparation requirement that we set.

Due to 6 hours raiding per week, you will need to find a balance between progression and farming. The raidleaders often look at the how the group is developing and based on, we decide whether we need more farming or not.

Breaks of 5 to 10 minutes will often occur at around 22:00 RT.


The Guild tries to provide Flasks & Potions for our Raiders. This may not always be possible so be sure to have your consumables with you! Runes and Food should be provided on your own. The guild demands the usage of the best available consumables available to you.